St John’s JCR’s Mission and Objectives

St John’s JCR is a vital source for informative information on studying and the role of Students Union organisations.

What to Expect

St John’s JCR provides vital information on what it is like to study at college in the UK. Being prepared for college life and how to get the most out of the experience is important.

Student Unions and organisations provide students with activities and events which can be beneficial to the whole learning experience of attending college. On this website, you can learn all about these organisations and the events and activities organised by them.

We provide students with advice and guidelines on how to enjoy studying at college and all the benefits of getting to know like-minded people and growing with life experiences.

Student Organisations

Student Organisations create opportunities for leadership, learning, and student engagement.

Activities and Events

Activities and events are constructed by student unions and organisations. Learn more about these activities and events in the UK.

Studying in College

Studying in college can seem exciting but challenging to some individuals. Learn all about what to expect from studying at UK colleges.

St John’s JCR Blog

Visit the blog or further learning about studying in the UK and how students’ unions and organisations play an important role.