Careers in Online Casinos which can be Studied with Short Courses

There are many careers to study for with short courses before or after university. These courses are sometimes by students while studying at college to make an income while studying. Online casinos such as Karamba UK cannot exist without coders, graphic designers and other skills and professions which require only a couple of short courses to be able to do the work.

These are some of the most in-demand opportunities which can be studied with short courses.

Live Dealer

Live dealers working for online casinos take part in the traditional duties of casino dealers but on an online platform. This usually works with the use of a webcam from a remote area. In some parts of the world, it has become a popular way for students in university to make an extra income.

Casinos offer their training programs which the dealer needs to undergo and pass before starting the work. There are short courses available for live dealers.

Customer Service Representative

With customer service representative work, only a high-school diploma is necessary, followed by a short course in customer services. Customer service representatives answer telephone calls, respond to emails, and live chats on online casino websites. This work can be done while studying at university with casinos that work with different time schedules to suit the student’s available time after classes.

As this is an entry-level position, it does not pay the best salary but can still help for extra cash and experience of working with complaints and customers.


Although coding can develop into a lucrative full-time career, the work can be done after just a couple of months in a short course for coding. Coders create and test existing codes which allow the software to exist and work accurately. Only good knowledge of coding and a high school diploma is necessary to do coding.