Fields to study at University for Gaming Regulations

The gaming industry relies heavily on people to fill positions at regulatory agencies to provide assistance and assurance as to how online casinos are operating. As online gambling is growing at a fast pace in the UK, more opportunities are becoming available for careers at regulatory agencies.

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These are some of the most in-demand careers in gambling regulations.

Public Relations Specialist

Public Relations Specialist - Fields to study at University for Gaming Regulations

Public Relations Specialists work specifically with gaming providers to focus on gaming regulations in casinos. They are experts in the field of gambling laws, regulations, public relations, accounting, and taxation. As regulations are becoming more prominent, more Public Relations Specialists are needed.

Enforcement Agent

Enforcement Agents mostly conduct and investigate criminal and regulatory factors about all forms of gaming and whether companies are licenced or not. They handle the disputes between gamblers and gaming providers and assist to investigate criminal history records of individuals applying for work at casinos.

Technology Auditor

Technology Auditor - Fields to study at University for Gaming Regulations

Technology Auditors are usually responsible for recommending gambling devices and games for approval by federal commissions to see whether all gambling laws are being followed. They do traditional and computer simulation analysis on new games and gambling platforms and has the role of approving wagering processes.

Audit Investigator

Audit Investigators are the main force in regulatory agencies and review records and documents for gaming licenses. They determine whether taxable gaming revenues have been reported on time or at all. They assist in determining whether compliance has been followed by the casino or gambling company.

Any of the mentioned careers can be studied from college or university in the UK.