St. John's Common Room

the SJCR

The SJCR stands for the St. John's Common Room. This is an overarching group, which includes all students affiliated with St John’s College: (John's Hall) undergraduates; postgraduates; and Cranmer Hall students. For a more in-depth explanation of the SJCR and how it works, see the handbooks in the Documents section below.

The following pages are accessible below or on the left.

  • Documents - these include Accounts, the Constitutions of all the Common Rooms, JCR Meeting Minutes, Forms, Guides, and past copies of 'This Week'.
  • DSU - information on how the Durham Students' Union manages our external representation, including links and upcoming meeting dates.
  • Fun Stuff - anything we found so funny that we thought it was worth keeping. :)
  • JCR Exec - meet the JCR Exec, and learn what each one is responsible for doing.
  • JCR Officers - an up-to-date list of Non-Executive Officers, along with their job descriptions.

JCR meetings are your main chance to have your say in the running of the JCR. They exist to hold JCR officers (both exec and non-exec) to account, to debate and make decisions regarding policies and money, and to elect people to positions. In short, they are the democratic decision making body of the JCR. Any JCR member is entitled to attend, speak, and vote.