St. John's Common Room

Guides & Handbooks


This is a series of quick, colourful walkthroughs to introduce you to concepts such as the SJCR, SJCR meetings and things to be aware of for life in college. Recommended reading.

The Handbooks on this site are much more the "reference manuals" of life in John's. There's no need (and arguably no point) in reading most unless it's relevant to something you're trying to do.

The SJC-What? - Explaining the concept of a SJCRHandbook 1 - Running for a SJCR position
Your new home - A few tips for living in collegeHandbook 2 - Setting up a society
Your first SJCR Meeting - How meetings in the SJCR workHandbook 3 - Writing a motion for the SJCR
 Handbook 4 - Writing a motion for spending
 Handbook 5 - Money request forms